PSR: International Code and Conflicts Committee

International Code and Conflicts Committee

Mandate and Description

The International Code and Conflict of Interest Committee is a Standing Committee of La Leche League International with the following mandate:

  • to review all LLLI policies related to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and relevant WHA Resolutions (International Code);
  • to review policies relevant to potential conflicts with the International Code or other conflicts of interest (CoI) related to collaboration with other organizations, companies, or individuals;
  • to evaluate, upon request, potential relationships that LLLI, other LLL entities, or Leaders may be considering with corporate entities, the media, other business interests, or other individuals that could present conflicts with the International Code, other conflicts of interest, or conflicts with LLL philosophy;
  • to offer information and guidance to the LLLI Board of Directors, the ED, the Development Director, or other LLLI staff, other LLL entities, or Leaders who have questions pertaining to these issues;
  • to make recommendations to the LLLI Board or staff, other LLL entities, or Leaders related to the International Code and possible conflicts of interest;
  • to ensure that the chapter in the Leader Handbook is updated periodically to reflect changes in:
    • the International Code,
    • new WHA resolutions impacting the description of the International Code in the chapter,
    • information about LLLI partnerships related to the International Code, and
    • resources for Leader training; and
  • to make current recommendations regarding Board and Leader training in the International Code and facilitate such training when possible.

To best fulfill the mandate of this committee, documentation of International Code training (e.g., at minimum, the online introductory training available via the Nutrition Knowledge Hub of the World Health Organization at shall be a minimum requirement for joining the committee. It shall be a goal of the committee chair(s) to seek committee members who can collectively offer the additional qualifications recommended below:

  • academic, legal or organizational background in Conflict of Interest laws and policies
  • experience in academic work or research, health-care facilities or government agencies related to breastfeeding

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