PSR: Leader Accreditation Review Committee

Leader Accreditation Review Committee

The LLLI Leader Accreditation Review Committee is composed of five former or current members of the LLLI Board of Directors, appointed for two-year terms by the Chairman/co-Chairmen of the Board. A majority of members must be active Board members. A Board member who retires during her term may continue to serve on the LLLI Leader Accreditation Review Committee. The Chairman/co-Chairmen of the Board will appoint the Chairman of the Committee and will ensure that members of the Committee reflect adequate LAD experience and international representation.

Input will be sought from the following Committee Consultants who are not voting members of the Committee:

  • LLLI Executive Director
  • LLLI Director(s) of LAD
  • Representatives from three Direct Connect Area Networks, excluding the Area Network in which the last stage of appeal occurred, will serve as consultants to the LLLI Leader Accreditation Review Committee. These representatives will be appointed as needed, using the process determined most appropriate by their own Area Network.

If the LLLI Leader Accreditation Review Committee deems it necessary, the entire LLLI Board of Directors may be consulted before a final decision is reached. The LLLI Leader Accreditation Review Committee will report to the LLLI Board after each decision is reached.

(Feb 98, rev Apr 16)

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