PSR: Leader Obligations and Privileges

Leader Obligations and Privileges

In order to fulfill the LLLI mission, protect the LLLI brand, and maintain a cohesive LLLI presence throughout the world every active Leader must:

a) Sign an LLLI Statement of Commitment annually, agreeing to abide by the policies that LLLI sets for its Leaders or resign from that role. Signing may be done digitally.

b) Participate in at least one Area or Affiliate recognized by LLLI, for mutual support and accountability.

c) Communicate with the other Leaders directly impacted by her work, coordinating when necessary, regardless of the Area, Division, Area Network or Affiliate to which she or the other Leaders belong.

d) Stay current on breastfeeding information relevant to her work as an LLLI volunteer.

e) Work to ensure that the mothers with whom she works make their own decisions concerning their children and their lives. Provide breastfeeding information and options, not specific advice.

f) Take care not to use one’s trusted position with mothers to promote her personal viewpoints (breastfeeding or other), gain financially, create a prejudicial or judgmental environment, or allow anyone else to do so.

g) Ensure that her activities as an LLLI Leader are consistent with the LLLI Philosophy.

h) Keep confidential the personal and medical information of the mothers and children with whom she works, unless otherwise required by law, or where the reporting of a danger to a mother or child is specifically protected by law.

i) When speaking on behalf of LLLI to mothers and the public, communicate that:

  • LLLI focuses on matters relating to breastfeeding, as defined by its Philosophy, and does not endorse other causes.
  • The primary role of an LLLI Leader is to provide mothers information and options on matters relating to breastfeeding, as defined by LLLI Philosophy, and that working in cooperation with any other organization does not imply LLLI or the Leader’s endorsement of the viewpoints of that organization.

j) Protect the LLLI logo and name.

Leaders in agreement with the above guidelines and procedures may:

a) Form and lead LLLI mother-to-mother support groups.

b) Work with others in cooperation with any organization that does not directly contradict LLLI philosophy.

c) Use the LLLI logo and name in accordance with LLLI policies for accredited Leaders and Areas.

(Nov 2007; rev Oct 2009)

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