PSR: LLL Logo and Name Protection

LLL Logo and Name Protection

Registration of the LLLI logo “Lisa” through the United States Patent and Trademark office protects the use of the logo. The names La Leche League and La Leche League International are also registered and protected.

Use of the Logo within LLL

For Official LLL Business
LLL entities may use the LLL logo and name La Leche League for official business on stationery, forms, publications, notices, websites etc.

When an item is sold by a LLL entity alone
A La Leche League representative or member may use the LLLI logo or name La Leche League on an item that is sold if sales of these items benefit an LLL entity. The use of the logo must be in good taste, be in accord with the m ission of La Leche League, and meet the guidelines for correct presentation of the logo and name as described in the LLLI Brand Guidelines. The Executive Director reserves the right to grant approval for any item bearing the LLLI name and/or logo.

When an item is sold by a non-LLL organization, either alone or in collaboration with an LLL entity:
An LLL representative or member may use the LLL logo or the name La Leche League on an item where sales are made by a non-LLL organization rather than, or as well as, an LLL entity, if the item is approved in advance by the Executive Director or her designate. (See also: Code of Ethics: Funding “5. Sponsorship of a Commercial Company for LLLI” and “9. Contractual Relationships with Commercial Companies”; Contracts, Sponsorships, Endorsements, Authorization and Approval by LLLI; and Product Sales/Rentals)

Use of the Logo Outside LLL

How to obtain permission to use the LLL Logo
Other organizations, businesses, or publications may use the logo only with the express, written permission of the LLLI Executive Director. Requests will be considered on an individual basis and all terms of the agreement including royalties will be determined by the Executive Director.

If the logo, name, or a confusingly similar mark is used by another organization, business, or publication, LLLI will inform the infringer in writing requesting that they cease using the LLLI logo or name. Further action will be taken as needed.

Guidelines for Correct Presentation of the LLL Logo and Name

The LLLI logo with the name and web address in the color green is the primary identity for the LLLI Board, office, and global forums. LLL entities are encouraged to use this logo, with the LLLI name or the name of their own entity. Logos are available for download.

The LLLI “Lisa” logo may be used alone and must be an exact reproduction of the design shown here, including the Registration mark and the outer ring. For specific details please see the LLLI Brand Guidelines.

LLL entities may continue to incorporate the “Lisa” logo into their own design as long as the entire logo is kept intact and their is a buffer of clear space around the logo. In this case there are no color restrictions for the logo or name nor font restrictions for the name La Leche League. “Lisa” logo must not be altered, stretched, or skewed. Gradients and patterns may not be used, and “Lisa” logo may not be placed on a distracting background.

(Oct 92; rev Feb 99, rev Oct 15, rev Apr 16)

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