PSR: LLLI Area Obligations and Privileges

LLLI Area Obligations and Privileges

In order to protect the LLLI brand and maintain a cohesive LLLI presence throughout the world a recognized LLLI Area must have:

  1. The participation of at least 20 LLLI Leaders. Exceptions may be made by the LLLI Executive Director.
  2. A decision-making body or method to establish and refine agreements among Area Leaders. All Area Leaders have the right and the responsibility to choose their decision-making body or method.
  3. An explicit system of mutual accountability among those Leaders with regard to adherence to LLLI policies and other agreements made by those Leaders.
  4. An adequate system for handling and reporting monetary transactions.
  5. A means for Leaders and Leader Applicants to connect to the LLLI accreditation processes.
  6. A means to provide its Leaders access to the technical breastfeeding knowledge present within the LLLI Professional Liaison (PL) support network.
  7. A means for admitting and removing Leaders from the Area.

In addition, an LLLI Area must:

  1. Recognize LLLI as the sole source for accreditation of LLLI Leaders, and that such accreditation is valid worldwide.
  2. Ensure the transparency of and access to its financial records by its Leaders and LLLI.
  3. Ensure the transparency of and access to its programmatic reporting by its Leaders and LLLI.
  4. Regularly provide an outline of its system of accountability and other Leader agreements for review by its respective Area Network and the LLLI Executive Director.
  5. Ensure that the essential elements of its Leader agreements are simple enough to be understood by all participating Leaders.
  6. Maintain a primary connection with an LLLI-recognized Area Network, for mutual support and accountability.
  7. Provide LLLI with a roster of its Leaders, and report any changes in a timely manner.
  8. Establish procedures for forming, operating and reporting from legal entities (including but not limited to LLLI Groups) that exist within the Area.

An LLLI Area may:

  1. Establish legal entities for serving mothers, such as LLLI Groups.
  2. Use the LLLI name and logo, consistent with LLLI policies.
  3. Participate in any specialized support networks (including departments and workgroups) facilitated by LLLI.
  4. Collect and process LLLI dues and fees, as needed, and donations to support the LLLI activities of its Leaders.
  5. Work in cooperation with any organization that does not directly contradict LLLI philosophy.

(Nov 2007, rev Oct 2009)

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