PSR: LLLI Board Member Participation in LLL Leader Social Media Spaces

LLLI Board Member Participation in LLL Leader Social Media Spaces

Realizing that we are identifiable as LLLI Board Members in our interactions on social media sites in Leader spaces, Members of the LLLI Board will exercise extreme caution when interacting in online social media platforms for LLL Leaders.

Members of the LLLI Board of Directors who are also Leaders may participate in Facebook spaces for Leaders according to the following criteria:

  1. LLLI Board Members are free to discuss breastfeeding matters, including, but not limited to helping situations, articles, current events, new research, and meeting ideas, provided that the topic of discussion is not under review by the LLLI Board.
  2. LLLI Board Members may not engage in discussions about issues pertaining to the past, current, and future actions/deliberations/decisions of the LLLI Board, unless such participation is done with the full prior knowledge of the Chair of the LLLI Board.
  3. LLLI Board Members may acknowledge that they have heard what has been said and request permission to bring the information to the entire LLLI Board should Leaders seek out LLLI Board Members on Leader social media sites to share comments/concerns/questions with the LLLI Board. LLLI Board Members will remind Leaders that:
    1. social media platforms are not official communication channels.
    2. the best way to communicate with the LLLI Board is to send a letter or email.
  4. Remembering their obligations to support decisions/actions of the LLLI Board and the LLLI staff, LLLI Board Members will not offer personal opinions critiquing LLLI Board or LLLI Staff actions/decisions in Leader social media spaces.
  5. Realizing that these spaces are not official channels for communicating with Leaders, LLLI Board Members will not use Leader social media spaces as a primary place to communicate information to Leaders unless a prior decision to do so has been reached by the LLLI Board or the Chair of the Board.
  6. Members of the LLLI Board of Directors must abide by the rules set forth by the moderators of non-official LLL Leader spaces.
  7. LLLI Board Members will take care to engage respectfully in Leader social media spaces, including using respectful language, realizing that their interactions reflect on the entire LLLI Board and LLLI as a whole.

LLLI Board Members who become aware of violations of these guidelines agree to bring the matter to the attention of the LLLI Board Member believed to be violating this policy and the Chair of the LLLI Board to determine appropriate actions.

My signature below indicates that I have read and agree to abide by this policy.




(January 2018)

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