PSR: LLLI Reimbursement

LLLI Reimbursement

This policy applies to all LLLI volunteers including LLLI Board members, members of LLLI Board Committees, the Director of LAD, and the chairs or directors of other LLLI global forums.

Purpose. La Leche League International (LLLI) volunteers who are required and authorized to travel or conduct business on behalf of LLLI may incur reimbursable expenses. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that such expenditures are appropriate, that adequate cost control measures are in place, and that reimbursement for authorized expenses is made in a timely manner.

Policy. LLLI volunteers will not be paid salary or compensated in any way for services rendered. LLLI will pay or reimburse reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by volunteers in accordance with the following guidelines. LLLI volunteers are encouraged to donate their expenses to LLLI

1. General. When incurring expenses, LLLI expects volunteers to

  • Exercise discretion and good judgment with respect to these authorized and reimbursable expenses.
  • Be cost conscious and spend money carefully and judiciously.
  • Obtain prior written approval from the Executive Director for LLLI business-related expenses. For committee members or volunteers working under the auspices of a committee, written approval authority may be delegated to the appropriate staff liaison. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in denial of reimbursement.
  • Report expenses accurately and in a timely manner by completing and submitting an LLLI Expense Report Form. This form should be submitted within 21 days of the completion of the meeting or event to either the LLLI Development Director or LLLI Executive Director. Original receipts or legible copies must be submitted with the LLLI Expense Report Form.
  • When planning face-to-face meetings, consideration should be given to less expensive alternatives such as participation by telephone, video conferencing, or choosing to meet in a location more central to meeting participants.
  • Expenses for attendance at an in-person Board meeting will be paid by LLLI only if the Board member attends a minimum of 3/4 of that Board meeting unless they have reasonable cause for missing any of the meeting and receive approval from the Board Chair/co-Chairs.

2. Travel: Effort should be made to use the most inexpensive mode of transportation that is suitable under the circumstances.

  • Air or rail fare. Volunteers should make a conscientious effort to obtain the lowest possible fares. Reimbursement is limited to economy class and proof of the economy fare must be included with the expense report. If airport or train station parking is required, long-term parking should be used for travel exceeding 24 hours.
  • Luggage. If there is any charge for checking bags, LLLI will reimburse for the first bag only for meetings or events up to five nights and will reimburse for two bags for meetings or events six nights or longer. LLLI will not reimburse for overweight luggage charges.
  • Local transportation. Bus, cab, rail, shuttle, and courtesy car costs will be reimbursed. Rental automobiles (and insurance or insurance waivers) may be obtained only with prior approval from the LLLI Executive Director.
  • Automobile travel expenses. If transportation is by private automobile, reimbursement for mileage will be made at the current rate appropriate to the circumstances, plus necessary parking charges and tolls. Total reimbursement will not exceed economy rail or air travel if these options are available.
  • Meals. The reasonable cost of meals consumed during approved travel will be reimbursed, excluding alcohol.
  • Lodging. Reimbursement will be made for reasonable out-of-pocket costs, but in no case will reimbursement exceed the amount of any pre-arranged rate for lodging obtained by LLLI. When possible, volunteers should make use of corporate and discount hotel rates obtained by LLLI or any other host organization. If a volunteer lives within a 25-mile radius of a meeting venue, approval of overnight hotel accommodations must be obtained in advance from the LLLI Executive Director.
  • Internet fees. Hotel internet fees will be reimbursed only when personal computers are required for ancillary business meetings to be held during events or when they are needed to continue time-sensitive projects, and only with prior approval of the LLLI Executive Director.

3. Other expenses. Volunteers who expect to incur other expenses for activities on behalf of LLLI must obtain prior approval for the expenditures from the LLLI Executive Director or the appropriate staff liaison. To claim reimbursement, volunteers must submit an LLLI Expense Report Form with written receipts.

4. Non-reimbursable expenses. Expenses considered personal, either by their nature or because they are primarily for the benefit or convenience of the volunteer are not reimbursable. Personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged will not be reimbursed.

5. LLLI, as an organization existing to promote and support breastfeeding, will reimburse travel expenses , meals, and accommodations for non-separating children up to 24 months of age as of the date of return, who accompany a Board member to a meeting where the Board member must be present, as described in items 1 and 2 of this policy. This assumes that the Board member and the child will share one bed whenever possible.

Expenses related to a Board member’s non-separating child for the purposes of participation in Board meetings away from their home are not to be considered personal. Demonstrating support for a breastfeeding Board member aligns with and reinforces the mission of LLL by supporting the breastfeeding relationship. Special requests for funding for nursing children 24 months or older as of the date of return may be brought to the Treasurer, Board Chairs/co-Chairs, and Executive Director for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

(Oct 91; Oct 08; Apr 16; Feb 20; Mar 20; Oct 20)

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