PSR: Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee


The NOMINATING COMMITTEE is a Committee authorized by Article VII Section 4 of the Bylaws and is herein commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International in order to:

  • Advise the Board on matters pertaining to nominations and elections;
  • Ensure that nominations and elections function effectively and efficiently and in conformity with established policies and procedures of LLLI;
  • Carry out specific assignments by the Chair of the Board of Directors.

This Committee shall:

  • Consider the qualifications of all candidates proposed by members of the Board, staff, and Leaders, including the Board Nominating Committee and the DCE Board Election Committees;
  • Submit at least two names for each DCE slate, when feasible, that have been mutually agreed upon for each Board seat to be filled;
  • Create the Board officers slate;
  • Work closely with DCE Board Election Committees to ensure qualified candidates are considered;
  • Work closely with DCE Board Election Committees in implementing equitable and fair elections.

(Nov 82; rev Oct 89, May 92, Feb 99, Sep 14, Dec 17, Jan 18, Mar 19)

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