PSR: Publications, LLL

Publications, LLL

All LLLI and LLL publications, whether in print or digital, shall reflect LLL philosophy. The goal of LLL is to provide materials that support families in their breastfeeding journeys and to aid readers in making informed decisions. An uplifting and empowering tone, respectful language, and emphasis on the positive present a favorable image of La Leche League.

A robust review process will aim to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. In the event that medical issues are involved, review by health professionals will be undertaken prior to publication.

Publication of material in which the author’s personal beliefs are an integral part will be subject to editorial discretion that enables expression of the author’s feelings without permitting the philosophy to be intrusive or to overshadow other aspects of the material that are suitable for LLL publications.

Editorial matter, i.e., material written by the editor or anyone writing in an official LLL capacity, must avoid mixing causes, i.e. advocating issues not directly related to the LLL mission and philosophy.

See LLL Philosophy and Cultural Sensitivity in Publications

(August 2020)

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