PSR: Responsibility for Policy

Responsibility for Policy

It is the responsibility of the LLLI Board to set policy for LLL.

LLL policies or the philosophy, as described in the ten concepts and concept explanations, and in the mission, vision, and purpose of LLL, are not changed or made without input from the DCEs as set out in the Bylaws Committee and DCE Review Panel process.

Any active Leader, LLLI professional advisor, LLLI committee, LLLI staff member, and any LLL entity may make a recommendation to the LLLI Board of Directors for a policy or philosophy revision, creation, or deletion.

Recommendations are made to the LLLI Board in writing. The LLLI Board acknowledges receipt.

Suggestions are added to the list of policies to be created and reviewed. At the next Annual Session of the Board, the list of policies is prioritized. The Bylaws chair(s) then create a schedule for the year and proceed to shepherd the policy through the consideration process.

When the policy schedule has been considered, the LLLI Board informs the person or entity making the recommendation whether that recommendation is on the Bylaws policy schedule for the coming year.

(Apr 93, rev Sept 21)

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