PSR: Strategic Plan Committee

Strategic Plan Committee


The STRATEGIC PLAN COMMITTEE is a Special Committee authorized by Article VIII, Section 3 of the Bylaws and is herein commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International for:

advising it on the initiation, evaluation, and annual update of the LLLI Strategic Plan

so that the functions of the entire organization may be effectively and efficiently carried out in conformity with the overall goals and objectives of La Leche League International.

The development of specific work may be assigned to the Committee or other appropriate League bodies by the Chairman/Co-Chairmen of the Board or Board of Directors.


This Committee shall:

  • ensure that LLLI has an up-to-date Strategic Plan which provides a broad general direction to all components of the organization, based on the LLLI Mission Statement;
  • enlist the cooperation and input of the Board of Directors in conducting an ongoing cycle of evaluation and revision of the Strategic Plan;
  • annually evaluate the implementation of the Strategic Plan with the Executive Director;
  • prepare a written evaluation of the Strategic Plan to be presented annually to the Board of Directors;
  • prepare information for the LLLI membership and the public on LLLI’s Mission and Strategic Plan;
  • solicit input from other Board Committees as needed;
  • meet as needed throughout the year;
  • upon direction from the Chairman/Co-Chairmen of the Board of Directors, organize, coordinate, and execute any activities assigned;
  • create and supervise subcommittees as required with the approval of the Chairman/Co-Chairmen of the Board.

(Oct 92, rev. Oct 00, Sep 14, Mar 19)

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