PSR: Translations


LLLI will endeavor to provide translations in major languages of key resources and publications. LLLI will support the work of translation and review teams set up by LLL entities.

LLL entities that engage in translations to meet the needs of the populations they serve will have procedures that, wherever possible, include:

  • Translation by a native speaker of the target language who is sensitive to LLL mission and purpose. The translator may be a Leader who has translation experience or a professional translator.
  • Review by at least two Leaders who are fluent in one or both languages involved.

LLLI will use the same process where possible.

All LLL entities are welcome to translate LLLI articles, to copy them and/or adapt them to suit the cultural and language needs or their audience. However, any changes must be acknowledged, and a link to the original source or sources must be included with the copied/ adapted /translated article.

When the entity publication is an individual’s personal story and/or contains photographs, express permission to re-publish must be obtained from the original publishing LLL Entity, and in the event not obtained in advance for all LLL entities from the publishing entity, also from the original author of the story and from any persons who appear in the photographs.

(August 2020)

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