LLL Leaders

LLL Leaders

LLL Leaders are volunteer breastfeeding counselors who have breastfed their own babies, and are active in providing breastfeeding support in their communities.

A Leader is someone who is currently accredited as a La Leche League International (LLLI) Leader, has fulfilled LLLI requirements for leadership, and subscribes to the purposes and policy of La Leche League (LLL). All Leaders bring their unique experience, warmth, empathy and other skills to their LLL work, whether they have had one baby or several.

There are over 5000 Leaders in over 80 countries on every continent but Antarctica.

Leaders may lead a local group and hold meetings. LLL is not affiliated to, and does not endorse or support, any business, organisation or religion whose premises we use for meetings.

Leaders may also offer a variety of other support including phone, text, email and via social media.

Find local support from a Leader here and see what’s on offer in your part of the world.
Find more information about our Online Support Resources here.

You can find out about becoming a Leader here.

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