Natural But Not Always Easy

Natural But Not Always Easy

Many mothers have asked the question ‘if breastfeeding is so natural, why doesn’t it seem to come naturally?’ It’s a good question!

Before your baby arrives, it seems like all you need to do is put your baby to the breast, let him latch on, and away you go. Sometimes it’s not so easy – some babies do go straight to the breast and their mothers never experience any problems. But many of us need some help.

In times gone by, when every mother breastfed and generations of the same family lived close to each other, new parents would have plenty of support. Mothers would mostly likely have seen countless babies being breastfed before having their own, and could turn to their own mother, grandmother, aunt or other member of their community for breastfeeding help. Unfortunately, today many communities have lost that inbuilt support.

La Leche League may be able to fill the gap. Have a look around our website, pick up a copy of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING, find local support.

If you’re pregnant, go along to an LLL meeting before your baby arrives – this will give you the chance to learn about breastfeeding, meet other mothers, and find out where to access breastfeeding information and support when your baby is born.

Have some of your friends said, ‘I tried breastfeeding, but it didn’t work; it was painful; I didn’t have enough milk; I leaked too much; my baby didn’t seem satisfied, etc.?’ Try an LLL meeting link, and meet Leaders and mothers who are breastfeeding or who have successfully breastfed their babies. If you can’t make it to a meeting you can find online support – many LLL groups have Facebook groups where you can ask questions and get help and encouragement.

LLL Leaders have all nursed our own babies.  Some of us have experienced challenges in doing so, and maybe that is what first brought us to LLL. When you contact LLL you can expect to find a warm welcome, acceptance and non judgmental support. We offer information and support to everyone who needs it in meeting their breastfeeding goals.

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