Dear Readers

Dear Readers

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Welcome to this new issue of Breastfeeding Today!

Let’s start with our poetry column and the emotional rhymes from Ann Calandro’s poem, A Letter to My Four Children: “At first, I felt alone but I was not. Wise La Leche League Leaders and mothers accepted and supported me as they modeled gentle mothering with their own children. A village of women begun by seven.”

Connection, closeness, responsiveness are three words that can have a very important meaning as parents, perhaps even more so during the COVID pandemic. How has this affected our lives? How are we experiencing the post-pandemic? Chapel Taylor-Olsen will answer these and other questions in her article Parenting Post-COVID: Breastfeeding and Beyond. “Now, as the world takes its first shaky steps back out into the light, we need to take stock of what changed, how it affected parents and babies, and what parenting will look like in a post-COVID world.”

Support is sharing, and sharing also means reassurance and having the correct information available. Have you ever worried about Why Infant Reflux Matters? Carol Smyth will give us some important insights into this topic so often discussed by mothers and parents. “When reflux occurs in healthy babies, it is generally painless. Babies are on a milk diet (which neutralizes acid) and the esophagus has a number of defense mechanisms against acidity, so spitting up is usually comfortable, or only mildly upsetting for the baby.”

And what better way to close this issue than with a Delicious & Easy Zucchini Pie? Penelope Karagouni will guide you through each step in both English and Greek. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and start cooking!

Enjoy your reading!

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