Dear Readers

Dear Readers

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Dear Readers,

Over these past few months our world has been turned upside down due to the spread of COVID-19 and all the strict measures needed for our safety. To face this “new” life, we’ve learnt how to live differently, using all our available resources in alternative ways. We’ve learnt to be more creative, to turn challenges into opportunities, to stay close to one another even if distant.

This has been one of the most widespread mottos, that we’re all together in this, that social distance doesn’t mean emotional distance. In fact, that’s exactly what happened! Supporting each other has become our strength, our winning card. When all our certainties seemed to fall apart, we’ve found a way to get through it by being there for each other.

Support is exactly one of the themes of our August issue. In her article “The Role of the Partner in Breastfeeding”, Alyssa Schnell shows us how the partner’s support can be so important to the mother who is breastfeeding, and how many ways there are to be helpful when a baby arrives.

Support can be offered through different networks as Altrena G. Mukuria tells us in her story “It Takes a Village to Raise a Mother”. Community can be one of the greatest resources we have as parents. Living in an environment where breastfeeding and support are the norm can make a big difference.

Relying on your community and knowing other strategies can be life-saving in an emergency, as Amber Ziring describes in her article “Eight Strategies for Breastfeeding During a Natural Disaster”. Having each other’s help can be crucial in this kind of unexpected situation.

Often, feeling supported can be the key to dealing with challenging moments, like entertaining little kids when you’re stuck at home. In “Mothering Through Breastfeeding While Homebound”, Marcella Bonanno shares with us practical and creative tricks to get through even the most boring days while keeping your children — and you too! — contented.

Small everyday things, such as a drawing from our children to celebrate Father’s Day, can help us through this difficult period. Check out our article “Father’s Day Around the World” to learn when it’s celebrated in your country and elsewhere, while viewing some fun photo memories of the day from families located in other parts of the world.

Also, little joys like the first walk outdoors after a period of lockdown can make your day better. As Jenny Pérez-Genge shares with us in her article “Four Reasons to Go Outdoors and Breastfeed in Nature”, getting in touch with nature around us can also bring great benefits.

Even our magazine can be seen as a “little” thing, yet made of many “little” parts — such as stories, articles and photos — that together can become great! A little bit like La Leche League itself, made of many Leaders, many hearts ready to offer help, many ears ready to listen. After all, anything can happen starting with little things.

As one of the Founders of La Leche League, Marian Tompson, told La Leche League co-Founder, Mary White: “You know, Mary, if we can help mothers nurse their babies, then we will be helping families, and if we are helping families, we will be helping society. So I think we ought to try it.” [1] 


Valentina Attanasio
Managing Editor


1. Mary Ann Cahill. Seven Voices One Dream. Edited by Judy Torgus. Schaumburg, Illinois, USA: La Leche League International. 2001; 24.


Special thanks to Karen Williamson, for her help planning and reviewing the August 2020 issue.

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