Continuum: The Friends of La Leche League Newsletter

Continuum Fans at the 2017 Friends of LLL trip to San Diego.

Continuum is published online four times each year and distributed to members by email. When Content includes articles on personal growth, parenting, women’s health issues, current breastfeeding research, book reviews, and Friends of LLL activities.

Our mission is to keep the connection of friendship and community that we develop in La Leche League, whether as members, Leaders, or other associates. The name Continuum was inspired by Jean Leidloff’s 1975 book, The Continuum Concept.

Many past issues of Continuum can be downloaded in PDF format. Feel free to share the issues in the collection below far and wide.

Want to Help?

We welcome your contributions. Let us know what’s going on where you live, send us a photo, write a short article. Contact us on our Facebook page and we’ll put you in touch with our editor.


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