Give me a Meeting with Mothers

Give me a Meeting with Mothers

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Originally published July 2016 and republished with the express permission of the author.

Photos: Esther Edith

La Leche League

When I feel depleted,

give me a meeting with mothers,

like of mind, kind, with tea and snacks,

where no one attacks choices,

and challenges are met with gentle voices,

and choruses of “me too” and “this is what I do.”

Give me a room full of support,

away from a world

which thinks we ought to be different,

away from unrelenting media eyes

which disguise what is real,

and deny that our children feel

as much as we know they do,

where mothers who walk the same path stand

in empathic shoes, and say, “I see you and I understand,

and if you need, I’ll hold your hand.”


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