Inclusivity and Outreach Committee SOC

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I support the LLLI vision, mission, purpose, and philosophy. I agree with the commission of this committee as written in the PSR and hereby declare:

1. I will act in the interest of LLL as a whole

2. I recognize the importance of unity. I agree to publicly support this Committee and LLLI Board decisions, Board members and Executive Director and staff in their LLLI roles

3. I am open to feedback from fellow Committee members and LLLI Board members about my participation in and commitment to this Committee

4. I am committed to work on my own biases and put them aside in order to play my role as a committee member as efficiently as possible

5. If I have any concerns about policy, Committee work, or LLLI Board decisions, I will discuss them privately with the committee’s chair/co-chairs

6. I commit to keeping Committee work confidential to protect the ability of its members to share their ideas and concerns freely in committee discussions. If I want to share something outside this Committee, I will consult the Committee Chair. I will share only general questions, ideas, or topics discussed; I will not reveal who said what in committee discussions.

Last Updated June 2022


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