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We offer support in over 80 countries.
You can search for your local La Leche League (LLL) Leader and/or group here.

Please note: during the coronavirus pandemic many meetings have been moved online. You can find details from your local LLL Leader. You can also find information about our online support services here.

LLL Leaders are volunteer breastfeeding counsellors who have nursed their own babies, and provide breastfeeding support in their communities. Leaders may offer support by phone, text, email and social media. Leaders may lead a local group and hold meetings. Expect a warm welcome, acceptance and non-judgmental support when you contact LLL Leaders or participate in LLL groups. We offer information and encouragement to everyone who needs it.

This article gives more information about LLL meetings. If you can’t make it to a meeting many LLL groups have Facebook groups where you can ask questions and get help and encouragement. Many groups also offer online meetings.

Who comes to LLL meetings?
I’m using a bottle – can I come to a meeting?
Where are meetings held?
Do I have to pay to come to a meeting?
Can I bring my partner or support person?
Do I have to let you know I’m coming?
What about refreshments?
What happens at LLL meetings?

Who comes to LLL meetings?
La Leche League meetings welcome anyone who is pregnant, nursing, hand expressing, exclusively pumping, combination feeding, providing their own milk or donor milk for a child, or trying to do so. We also welcome those who are interested in the information we offer.

You might see someone expressing milk or using a bottle at an LLL meeting, you might see toddlers being breastfed – all are welcome.
La Leche League is all about nurturing. We support anyone who nurses or provides human milk in having wonderfully close, satisfying relationships with their babies.

Babies and children are welcome at LLL meetings. Toys, books and activities are sometimes provided for older children.

I’m using a bottle – can I come to a meeting?
Please don’t feel awkward about feeding your baby from a bottle or other means during an LLL meeting, or asking questions about it! We understand better than anyone else the challenges of breastfeeding, and the work involved in expressing milk. We would love to meet you and your baby.

If you need to express milk at a meeting that’s fine, and if you need a quiet space to do this please ask.

Where are meetings held?
LLL is not affiliated with, and does not endorse or support, any business, organisation or religion whose premises we use for meetings.
Our meetings are in a variety of venues. They may be in a local community room or hall, a health centre or a room provided by a local business, they may be in a cafe. Sometimes they’re in the home of a Leader or a group member.

We do our very best to make sure that our venues are located centrally, and are accessible.
If you or your child/ren have additional needs that you would like to talk about before attending a meeting, please feel free to contact your local Leader.

Do I have to pay to come to a meeting?
All LLL support is free. We never charge for meetings or for any of the support we offer.
We do welcome donations, and some groups offer optional membership.

Can I bring my partner or support person?
Many groups welcome partners and support people. In some communities, where mothers may be uncomfortable about breastfeeding if a male is present, “mothers only” meetings are more common. Some groups have a separate area for those needing privacy, or can arrange to spend some time with you and your partner together to give you the help you need.

Some groups hold special “families and partners” meetings or socials, or open some meetings to partners.
Please get in touch with your local Leader to find out what’s usual in your group – if the local arrangement doesn’t meet your needs the Leader will be able to share information about other groups that may.

Do I have to let you know I’m coming?
You don’t have to register or let us know you’re coming. At LLL meetings we are used to people arriving after the start and leaving early – this is absolutely fine – we’d love to see you for however long you can manage. It’s a good idea to confirm meeting date, time and location a few days ahead of time if you can.

What about refreshments?
Some groups have refreshments at meetings and some don’t. When they do, Leaders will often provide drinks, and any snack contributions to be shared will be gratefully received.

Some groups set up a rotation so no one has to bring a snack every time.
You are always welcome to contact your local Leader to ask about how your local group handles snacks or to inquire about food allergies.

What happens at LLL meetings?
Meetings are led by an accredited LLL Leader (breastfeeding counsellor). Everything you say and hear at an LLL meeting is confidential. Burning questions are always given priority. Support will be given to anyone experiencing pain while breastfeeding, or having difficulties with positioning, latch/attachment etc. Please never leave an LLL meeting with unanswered questions!

LLL meetings are all about mother to mother/parent to parent support, sharing experiences and getting support.
Many groups run what we call a ‘Series Meeting’ – they are based around themes such as breastfeeding in the early days, sleep, taking care of yourself, getting enough support etc.

There may be an activity, or discussion – feel free to join in, or if you prefer, you can sit back and listen. Attendees often describe their own experiences, and offer support to each other. You will be able to ask questions.
Some groups hold less formal coffee morning-style meetings where there’s no structured discussion. These are sometimes called ‘Breastfeeding Cafes’.
At LLL, your baby’s needs come first – please feel free to do whatever you need to in order to take care of your baby. We are very used to babies crying and toddlers needing to roam around. You may hear a whole range of ideas and experiences on breastfeeding. There is no right way to look after your baby, and definitely not a preferred ‘LLL way’ to breastfeed or parent your child – we believe that you are the expert of your own child!

We often say you can treat LLL meetings like a buffet – please take what works for you and leave the rest behind.

LLL meetings in (left to right)THe USA, Dominican Republic, Japan

Images show LLL meetings in (left to right):
USA, Dominican Republic, Japan

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