Liquid LLLove

Liquid LLLove

Categories: Breastfeeding Today

By Erin O’Reilly – Missouri, USA

Lacteal Lady-Lager
Liquid Love
Delicious and delightful
Logical and Longevous
Lofty Liquor
Motherlode of Love

Lollapalooza Mother
Luminary Mamma
Labouring to yield
Literally succulent
Legitimately salubrious
Leche of health

Longing and Lingering Little One
In Momma’s Lapland
Lusting for Luscious,
Leaking even Leaping
Lacteal Lubricant
So deliciously delivered

Lick-able and Likable
Lunch of Lovage
Linch-pin and Lucky-charm
Lipid-filled Lactation
Living and Lasting
Lush mammalian Liturgy

Limitlessly fluent and affluent
Flowing fluid
Luxurious Liniment
Lacteal Love
Luscious and illustrious
Like white blood

Livelihood of a Livebearer
Legendary Leche
Localistic and Laureate
Laical and Liable
Liberalizing Liquid of
Lactiferous Motherhood

Ladylike and Lion-breasted
Legacy for Life
La Leche League
Latching babe to Mom
Linking past to present
Leading to a Lusty Later

Erin L. O’Reilly is a La Leche League Leader and Lactation Consultant who has worked in WIC and Breastfeeding Coalitions coaching parents through their tough work balancing the job of breastfeeding against an already delicate work/life balance. She has seen their struggles and heard their calls for support!

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