LLLI News 05 May 2020

LLLI News 05 May 2020

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The LLLI Board of Directors held two Special Sessions, 13 April and 20 April, and its monthly meeting on 27 April.  The additional online sessions were needed due to cancellation of the Board’s in-person Annual Meeting because of Covid-19.


13 April 2020 Special Session

Approved 2020 Global Breastfeeding Collective Meeting Report

Approved 2020 NetCode Report

Approved Jan and Feb 2020 Financial Reports

Approved revised 2020 Budget

Discussed translation needs for LLLI statements and social media

Granted LLLUSA a 1-year reprieve of $12,000 in cost-sharing

Revised order that Concepts are presented on the LLLI website (see below)

Revised the “Childbirth” Concept Explanation (see below)

Voted against revision of the “Childbirth” Concept and “Mothering through Breastfeeding” Explanation

Discussed Committee Chairs


20 April 2020 Special Session

Updates on Giving Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Leadership Survey to close 30 April 2020, having been completed by 300+ Leaders

Board Advisory Council to be formed from past Board Chairs

A Whistleblower issue discussed

Norton Collar Lund Lilly PLLC approved to serve as the LLLI Audit firm for 2019-2020

Committee Chairs for 2020-2021 approved

27 April 2020 Regular Session

Presentation from Alper Insurance for LLLI Insurance coverage for 2020-2021

March 2020 Treasurer’s Report approved

Stipend approved for Managing Editor of Breastfeeding Today

Linda Wieser appointed Interim Director of Leader Accreditation Department (DLAD) to replace Toshi Jolliffe, who has resigned as DLAD

Discussed Whistleblower policy

Discussed Appendix 18 and potential Leader Applicants’ ability to attend meetings “as available”.

Discussed composition of LLLI Board committees and Nominating Committee.

Contact the Board with your questions, concerns, and suggestions at board@llli.org.


Changes to Concepts and Concept Explanations (Appendix 17)
Reorganization of the order of the Concepts 


(Note: The numbers below are just for reference; we do NOT number the Concepts)

Revised Order                                    Former Order

1-Mothering thru BF                                    1-Mothering thru BF

2-Human Milk                                    2-Early & Often

3-Childbirth                                                3-Early Years

4-Early & Often                                    4-Human Milk

5-Fathers                                                5-Complementary Foods

6-Early Years                                                6-Weaning

7-Complementary Foods                        7-Childbirth

8-Nutrition                                                8-Fathers

9-Weaning                                                9-Nutrition

10-Loving Guidance                                    10-Loving Guidance


Rationale for changing the order:

The concepts have, historically, not been numbered, but they have been typically presented in the “Former Order” noted above.  The  “Revised Order” presents the ideas in the concepts as a continuum that begins before birth and continues through weaning and child-rearing.

Revised “Childbirth” Concept Explanation

Alert, active participation by the mother in childbirth is a help in getting breastfeeding off to a good start.

Events during labor and childbirth can impact the breastfeeding experience.   Improved birth outcomes occur when a supportive companion is present during childbirth and provides comfort measures that reduce pain, fear and anxiety.  Research shows that minimizing interventions and drug use during birth supports the baby’s ability to initiate effective breastfeeding immediately after birth. Although some interventions, such as a cesarean birth, may be lifesaving, it is important to be aware that interventions can significantly affect breastfeeding in the early days.  These may affect the baby’s ability to suck, swallow and breathe normally, interfere with immediate skin-to-skin contact, delay the initiation of an adequate milk supply, and impact maternal health and early mothering behaviors.  

Understanding the physiological process of labor and childbirth, how childbirth is managed, and how interventions may impact breastfeeding can help in planning for giving birth.  Preparation for birth and breastfeeding may include attending a class, reading books, talking with someone knowledgeable on these topics, and/or attending La Leche League meetings.  Knowledge can help with confidence and informed decision-making during the birth and can contribute to getting breastfeeding off to a good start. 



(1) Beck, C. T., & Watson, S. (2008). Impact of birth trauma on breast-feeding: a tale of two pathways. Nurs Res, 57(4), 228-236. 

(2) Bohren, M. A., Hofmeyr, G. J., Sakala, C., et al. (2017). Continuous support for women during childbirth. Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 7, Cd003766. 

(3) Brimdyr, K., Cadwell, K., Widström, A.-M., et al. (2015). The Association Between Common Labor Drugs and Suckling When Skin-to-Skin During the First Hour After Birth. Birth, 42(4), 319-328. 

(4) Pérez-Escamilla, R., et al. (2016). “Impact of the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative on breastfeeding and child health outcomes: a systematic review. Maternal & Child Nutrition.

(5) Smith, L. J., & Kroeger, M. (2010). Impact of birthing practices on breastfeeding (2nd ed.). Sudbury, Mass.: Jones and Bartlett.

(6) World Health Organization (2018). WHO recommendations: intrapartum care for a positive childbirth experience. Geneva, World Health Organization: 200.

(Apr 2020)


Rationale for changes to the “Childbirth” Concept Explanation:

“Alert, active participation by the mother in childbirth” was not the norm when this Concept was first articulated decades ago. While it has become standard practice in many places for mothers to remain awake and aware during childbirth, babies and mothers still may have difficulty initiating breastfeeding because of routine interventions.  The new Concept Explanation focuses on factors that have been demonstrated by research to provide optimal circumstances for breastfeeding initiation:  having a trusted companion present during childbirth, minimizing interventions and drugs, and preparing for birth and breastfeeding while pregnant.

Former “Childbirth” Concept Explanation:

Alert and active participation in childbirth can influence what happens during the birth and can impact the initiation and establishment of breastfeeding afterwards. Minimizing drug use during the birth supports the initiation of breastfeeding and the baby’s ability to nurse effectively immediately after birth. While some interventions, such as birth by cesarean, may be lifesaving, they also can significantly affect nursing in the early days. Having more information about the physiology of childbirth and its relationship to early breastfeeding provides a better idea of what to do in order to minimize the effects of any interventions.   (Mar 19)


You can read all of the LLL concepts on the LLLI website:


(Leader login and password required)

Scroll down to Appendix 17.


LLLI Committee Chairs for 2020-2021


·        Action, Advocacy, Networking – Judy Canahuati,  (Johanna Rhys-Davies, Board Liaison)

·       Audit- Susan Oldrieve

·       Bylaws – Susan Oldrieve and Johanna Rhys-Davies

·       Finance – Amy Shaw

·       Inclusivity and Outreach – Heidy Guzman

·       International Code and Conflicts – Carolyn Driver-Burgess and Sandy Moore-Furneaux

·       Program Services – Cindy Garrison

·       Resource Development – Marianne Vakiener

·       Social Media and Website – Ellen Mateer

Special Committees:

·       Concept Review – Marie Beam and Heidy Guzman

·      Scope of Practice – Marie Beam

·      LLLI News – Marie Beam, Ellen Mateer, and Marianne Vakiener


·      LAD – Amy Shaw

·     Global Professional Liaison Network – TBD


Words from our Executive Director, Zion Tankard

Dear LLL Leaders,

This past week, I accepted the resignation of Toshi Jolliffe who has served tirelessly for 4 years as our Director of the Leader Accreditation Department (DLAD). The LLLI Board of Directors and I thank Toshi for her many years of service and her outpouring of love for La Leche League over the course of the last two decades. Toshi will continue to assist LAD and the newly appointed Interim DLAD, Linda Wieser (LLL Canada). A formal DLAD search is underway that will incorporate the input of the LAD Council, LLLI Personnel Committee, and LLLI Board. More information to come.


On the 16 April LLLI issued an updated statement, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, and COVID-19, currently available in the following languages, with more translations in process:


All of our resources about breastfeeding and Coronavirus are now collated here: https://www.llli.org/coronavirus-resources/

We are extremely grateful to members of translation teams for their work delivering resources for Leaders and families worldwide.


If you want to translate or adapt any LLLI resources:
* follow your entity guidelines for translation and review
* include the following credit on your post <this post was originally published on the LLLI website,> and include a link
* send a copy of the translation, with a link to it on your website, to info@llli.org

Thank you to all who have translated resources and made them available to more families who need them!


Our partners World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) has published the latest edition of their newsletter, including a report from LLLI.



Share your Mother’s Day photos and event descriptions with Breastfeeding Today by May 13!

Our Breastfeeding Today team is currently preparing for our June and August 2020 issues.

(For the latest, click here for the April issue of this international digital magazine: https://www.llli.org/breastfeeding-today/. And be sure to share details about our magazine with your Area, and in your Group or Area’s newsletter!)

We are looking for contributing writers, photographers and illustrators from countries all over the globe who might be willing to volunteer their talents on one of the following topics. We are also open to other article theme suggestions. If you are interested in contributing something, please email our editors, Karen and Valentina, at editorbt@llli.org to request contributor guidelines.  

We have one last need for our June issue, and it is an important one!

Honoring moms: Do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your country with special La Leche League meetings or events, a tradition unique to your region, or simply with your children? Share your photos and a simple photo caption with us afterward! (Dads: Don’t worry, we will do the same after Father’s Day!). Please also mention when Mother’s Day is celebrated in your country.

The submission deadline is Wednesday, May 13 (for countries celebrating prior to that date), or anytime (for countries celebrating after May).

We look forward to hearing from you!  
Karen Williamson and Valentina Attanasio 


The following Leader Today article is now available on the public side of the website –
When There Are Two—Breastfeeding Twins
Cuando son dos, amamantar gemelos

Please send contributions for Leader Today to Philippa Pearson-Glaze at editorlt@llli.org



Webinar Registration – Impact of Birth Practices on the Breastfeeding Mother-Baby Dyad Check out our new webinar on the Impact of Birth Practices on Breastfeeding.
You can read a review here:

Through this webinar, the viewer will learn the origin of birth moving from home to hospitals, related to current outcomes and the risks associated with the induction of labor. The speaker explores the effects of Cesarean surgery on breastfeeding, the impact of chemical pain relief methods including epidurals on breastfeeding, and strategies to help breastfeeding dyads recover from birth interventions.

This webinar is eligible for 1.5 L-CERPs credit.

Please make use of the pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons.

Registration Fees:
Leaders and Leader Applicants– Webinar without 1 L-CERPs: $8.50

Non-Leaders– Webinar without 1.5 L-CERPs: $15.50

Webinar with 1.5 L-CERPs: $22.50

Webinars are offered free of charge to active LLL Leaders through generous donations from the BELLAS Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program, Charlotte, NC, USA, LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education, and private donors. If you wish to view this webinar or any of the LLLI webinars from the LLLI Webinar Library for free select the green button labelled *webinar opportunities for active Leaders* and follow the simple instructions.  Free webinar opportunities do not include registration for CERPs credits.