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MamAmor Dolls

MamAmor Dolls creations have been inspired by the vision and values of La Leche League International since its start in 2007.

MamAmor Dolls creates educational tools for Expectant Families and Birth and Breastfeeding professionals.  Our dolls are wonderful teaching aids for Sibling Preparation and Prenatal and Breastfeeding Education, they can demonstrate birth and breastfeeding.

They are unique pieces of art, carefully handcrafted in Canada by women working from home.

At MamAmor Dolls, we aim to be inclusive and culturally diverse. Our dolls come in a variety of skin, eye, and hair colors, and they all wear breastfeeding friendly clothes.

MamAmor Dolls are sold worldwide through our website, and at Birth and Breastfeeding Events and Conferences around the world.

To purchase the new La Leche League Breastfeeding Doll, visit our website at https://www.mamamordolls.com/collections/la-leche-league-international-dolls


LLLI was first introduced to SleepBelt in Sweet Sleep as an example of using a nap wrap for holding a sleeping baby to the mother’s chest at night. Since that first introduction to Leaders and mothers, LLLI has entered into a formal agreement with SleepBelt. SleepBelt is the Exclusive Skin-to-Skin Product of La Leche League International.

SleepBelt (consumer brand) and Joeyband (Clinical brand) support skin-to-skin and prevent infant falls. It is for immediate and extended skin-to-skin in the O.R., NICU, LDR and at Home. It has a unique 4-way stretch that naturally mimics the womb and delivers soothing deep pressure touch to the infant.
It is easy to use, comfortable, unisex and has adjustable closure (ensuring perfect fit despite moms changing postpartum body.) It is good for singletons and multiples. And the product supports “Laid Back” Breastfeeding.

Additional uses of the SleepBelt that are beyond skin-to-skin is for forward facing on the lap, added support on a chair, and is beneficial when traveling with the infant.

The SleepBelt/JoeyBelt is made in Canada by a woman owned & operated company. To purchase a SleepBelt product go to www.sleepbelt.net. To purchase a Joeyband product go to www.joeyband.com.