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La Leche League International Complaint Form

The LLLI Conflict Resolution Process addresses conflicts involving La Leche League International and issues including but not limited to compliance with the LLLI Bylaws and the LLL Code of Conduct and Policies and Standing Rules.... Read More
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PyRP: Código de conducta de la Liga de la Leche

Este Código de Conducta se aplica a todas las Líderes de LLL, a la Junta Directiva de LLLI, a los comités de la Junta de LLLI, a miembros foros de LLLI y a todo el personal de LLLI. Se aplica a toda actividad de Líderes de LLL, ya sea en persona, por escrito o por vía electrónica, incluida la actividad en los espacios de redes sociales, tanto internos. como externos, siempre que las Líderes se identifiquen como tales.... Read More

LLLI FAQs on Language

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La Leche League Support in Social Media Groups

By Ellen Mateer – West Yorkshire, UK   Being a nursing mother or parent can be an isolating experience, even under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many new parents without a lot of the support they would normally expect to be available. We have long known that support is critical to helping families … Read More