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Milk Donation and Sharing

Whether you are someone who produces more milk than your baby needs, or you’re someone who is unable to produce as much as you’d like for your baby or cannot nurse your baby for other reasons, you may have considered milk donation or milk sharing. Either way, you should be aware of some potential risks. Research has shown that the “perceived risks and benefits of feeding milk from another mother may not align with actual risks and benefits... Read More

Leader’s Handbook

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Breastfeeding Info

Here you will find answers to your breastfeeding and parenting questions, drawn from the various resources on our site, conveniently grouped by topic.... Read More
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Breastfeeding a Foster Baby

  Anon, CA, USA In December 2015, my husband received a call from a social worker informing him that his sister had given birth to a little girl who was now under protective custody. The social worker wanted to know if we were willing to foster and possibly adopt our baby niece. To be honest, … Read More

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Islamic and Cultural Practices in Breastfeeding

SHAHEDA YASHMIN, CLAPHAM, GREAT BRITAIN FRANÇAIS TÜRKÇE Breastfeeding is important to me for several reasons. One reason is my religion. As a Muslim parent, I always try to follow Islamic guidelines and I was fascinated to discover breastfeeding is mentioned in the Quran1 (Islam’s holy book). As I read more about Islam and breastfeeding, I came … Read More