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Stillen und Krebs

DIANA WEST, BA, IBCLC Ursprünglich veröffentlicht im Dezember 2011, aktualisiert im November 2015 und neu veröffentlicht mit ausdrücklicher Genehmigung der Autorin. Übersetzung: Anja Harnisch, LLL Österreich. Hier findest du Antworten auf einige der häufigsten Fragen, die Mütter haben, wenn sie mit der Möglichkeit oder der Realität einer Krebserkrankung während der Stillzeit konfrontiert werden: Das Stillen … Read More

An Online LLL Meeting via Facebook

Efrat Burman, West Sussex, United Kingdom Efrat Burman describes how an impromptu online Series Meeting turned into quite a success. In the modern age of social media, Series Meetings can happen online as well as in person. Some Leaders choose to supplement Series Meetings with online meetings, particularly if they cover a large area and … Read More

Mommy Medals

Lisa Van Zyl, South Africa March 2018 marked our Groups’ first birthday in Alberton in the South of Johannesburg. To mark our birthday, a photographer from the local newspaper arrived at the end of the meeting to give us some local publicity. My co-Leader, myself and our children cut out printed coloured paper circles or … Read More

Información Sobre Lactancia Materna de la A a la Z

Esta información se refiere a temas de interés para las familias de niños amamantados. Es de naturaleza general y puede no ser pertinente para el estilo de vida de tu familia. No intenta ser un consejo, médico o de otro tipo. Si tienes un problema o inquietud grave sobre lactancia materna, por favor, habla directamente con una Líder de la Liga de La Leche que te brindará apoyo, confianza e información basada en evidencias. LLLI no se involucra en la práctica de la medicina; por favor, consulta a un profesional de la salud ante cualquier tema médico.... Read More

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings have become increasingly popular in recent years and you may be wondering if it safe to breastfeed your baby if you already have pierced nipples. You might be thinking of getting your nipples pierced and wish to continue breastfeeding without interruption.... Read More

Lumps and Mammograms

Finding a lump in your breast is scary! Fortunately, most lumps in a lactating mother's breasts are either milk-filled glands or an inflammation, such as a blocked duct or mastitis. If the lump is tender, it is probably mastitis. Check out this page for information on treating mastitis. If the lump does not go away after a week of careful treatment for a blocked duct/ mastitis or if you are experiencing sudden flu-like symptoms or a high fever, or are at all concerned, contact your healthcare provider. If you notice red streaks on your breasts seek medical attention as they are a sign of infection that, left untreated, can develop into sepsis, a life threatening complication of an infection.... Read More

Leader’s Handbook

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Brand new baby?  Tight, full breast?  Baby having trouble latching on?  You probably have “first week engorgement.”  And there may be some simple solutions. Mothers have come to see engorgement as the natural follow-up to birth.  But it’s more often a natural follow-up to modern expectations of age-old biology.  In a nutshell, babies and breasts expect a lot more cuddling and nursing than many new mothers expect.... Read More

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