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The Art of Breastfeeding Writer Biographies

JAYNE JOYCE Jayne Joyce (she/her) MA, MSc, IBCLC, has been a La Leche League Leader since 2003. She is mother of three children (born 2000, 2003, 2008) and lives in England, UK. Following a degree in History and a Masters in Social Work from Oxford University, Jayne began her professional life as a social worker, … Read More


Jayne Joyce Jayne Joyce (她/她),硕士,IBCLC,自2003年以来一直是母乳会的哺乳辅导。她是三个孩子的母亲(2000年、2003年、2008年出生),居住在英国英格兰。 在获得牛津大学的历史学位和社会工作硕士学位后,

Biografias de las autoras di The Art of Breastfeeding

Biografias de las autoras

Biografias de las autoras di The Art of Breastfeeding Jayne Joyce Jayne Joyce (ella) MA, MSc, IBCLC, ha sido Líder de la Liga de La Leche desde 2003. Es madre de tres hijos (nacidos en 2000, 2003 y 2008) y vive en Inglaterra, Reino Unido. Tras obtener su licenciatura en Historia y una maestría en … Read More

Biographies des écrivaines de L’art de l’allaitement

Jayne Joyce Jayne Joyce (elle) MA, MSc, IBCLC est animatrice de La Leche League depuis 2003. Elle est mère de trois enfants (nés en 2000, 2003, 2008) et vit en Angleterre, au Royaume-Uni. Après avoir obtenu un diplôme d’histoire et une maîtrise en travail social à l’université d’Oxford, Jayne a commencé sa vie professionnelle en … Read More

Biographien von Schriftstellern The Art of Breastfeeding

Jayne Joyce Jayne Joyce (sie/ihr) MA, MSc, IBCLC, ist seit 2003 Stillberaterin bei La Leche Liga. Sie ist Mutter von drei Kindern (geboren 2000, 2003, 2008) und lebt in England, UK. Nach einem Abschluss in Geschichte und einem Master in Sozialarbeit an der Universität von Oxford begann Jayne ihr Berufsleben als Sozialarbeiterin mit dem Schwerpunkt … Read More

Mother and father sit close looking at baby. Mother holds baby and father has his hand on baby.

Babies Who Want to be Held

All babies did better if they got more holding and carrying, but in every community he studied, there were some babies who cried less and some who cried more. Some babies were more sensitive and became more distressed.... Read More

Seasonal Greetings! Using the changing seasons as inspiration for meetings

Anna Burbidge, Market Harborough, Great Britain After months of COVID restrictions and Zoom meetings, Leaders in some Areas are starting to resume face-to-face meetings and once again enjoy the pleasure of being in the company of other women. Zoom has been invaluable for many attendees during the last months, but some Leaders have found it … Read More

Putting Czech Republic on the LLL Map

Hana Cermakova, Brno, Czech Republic I became an LLL Leader in the summer of 2021. My first encounter with LLL was in 2018 when I was an expatriate (expat) living in Berlin, Germany and pregnant with my first child. I felt quite anxious about the whole process of having a child in a foreign country … Read More