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What Is LAD?

Lori Bryan, Lodi, California, USA and Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada The authors wish to thank Lupe Forsang, Hesperia, California, USA and Cecily Harkins, Portland, Oregon, USA, for sharing information about the history of the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD). The LLLove Story by Kaye Lowman was also used as a resource. LAD (the Leader Accreditation … Read More

La Leche League Online Support Resources

La Leche League is here to support your family in your feeding journey! LLL Leaders are volunteer breastfeeding counsellors who have nursed their own children and are passionate about the value of human milk. and provide support in their communities. Leaders may offer information and resources in-person and by phone, text, email, and social media. Leaders may run a local group and moderate mother-to-mother/ parent-to-parent meetings.... Read More

La Leche League Events in Panama

By RuthAnna Mather, La Leche League – International Area Network Coordinator   This past October, Panama City, Panama, was swirling with excitement as a result of a number of La Leche League (LLL) related events held there. On October 21-30, LLL Leaders—especially those in administrative positions—travelled from 31 countries, and from every continent except for … Read More

LLL meeting in Xiamen, China

La Leche League Meetings

Expect a warm welcome, acceptance and non-judgmental support when you contact LLL Leaders or participate in LLL groups. We offer information and encouragement to everyone who needs it.... Read More

Reading Body Language at an LLL Meeting

Kelly Durbin, Austin,Texas, USA There is usually plenty of discussion at a La Leche League meeting. As Leaders we often gain valuable insight into the kind of information or support parents need by asking questions and discussing breastfeeding topics. But nonverbal communication is equally important, and it can often expose hidden messages or intentions. Learning … Read More

Amamantamiento durante el embarazo y lactancia en tándem

Descubrir que estás embarazada no significa que debes dejar de amamantar a tu infante deambulador. Muchas madres eligen continuar amamantando durante el embarazo, mientras otras deciden destetar. Si continuas amamantando durante tu embarazo, puedes encontrarte amamantando a ambos, tu nuevo bebé y tu bebé mayor.... Read More
2 mothers sit on a sofa in a cafe breastfeeding, they are chatting and smiling

La Leche League Meetings

ALISON JONES, OXFORD, UK Originally published April 2016 and republished with the express permission of the author. Series Meetings I am so new to this mothering thing, so I arrive with a little one in a sling, and enter a room where there are mothers; those mystical others who seem to know what to do, … Read More