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Storing Human Milk

It is essential to properly store your expressed (pumped) milk to maximize its nutritional, immunological and antioxidant qualities. Human milk has anti-bacterial properties that help it to stay fresh and when stored per recommendations, human milk can maintain many of its nutritional qualities making it safe for use. ... Read More

Leader’s Handbook

The 2019 edition of the Leader Handbook, in English (translations are in progress). PDFs of previous editions of the Leader Handbook and translations. ... Read More


Brand new baby?  Tight, full breast?  Baby having trouble latching on?  You probably have “first week engorgement.”  And there may be some simple solutions. Mothers have come to see engorgement as the natural follow-up to birth.  But it’s more often a natural follow-up to modern expectations of age-old biology.  In a nutshell, babies and breasts expect a lot more cuddling and nursing than many new mothers expect.... Read More

Policies and Standing Rules

A listing of the entire Policies and Standing Rules (PSR) as individual entries in alphabetical order. Following the full PSR is a full list of Appendices.... Read More

Is my baby getting enough milk?

It is quite common to wonder if you have low supply. Is your baby truly drinking enough milk at the breast? It’s nearly impossible to measure the milk, because it can’t be seen. So, how do you tell if your baby is getting enough?... Read More

Board Minutes

Actions from the April 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Brand and Style Guidelines

Our brand is the face of La Leche League International (LLLI). It demonstrates what can be expected from LLLI, and differentiates us from all other entities that offer similar information and services. The brand is a reflection of who we are as an organization.... Read More