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Sometimes a mother may make more milk than her baby needs.  Although this may sound like a good problem to have, too much of any good thing can cause challenges - for baby and mother.... Read More

Color of Milk

Human milk comes in a variety of colors. If you pump your milk you may see lots of variation in color: whereas formula milk always looks the same, the composition and appearance of human milk changes throughout the day, and even throughout a pumping session or feed.... Read More


Having a sore breast can be a painful and alarming experience and can occur when the milk flow in your breast is blocked. Your breast may feel tender, there may or may not be redness or a hard spot or sore lump in your breast. Treat any engorgement promptly to avoid developing blocked ducts or mastitis.Whether you have a sore breast, a blocked duct or a breast infection, the initial care is similar: nurse frequently, rest and apply heat to the tender area.... Read More

Nursing Strikes

If your baby or toddler has been breastfeeding well and suddenly refuses to nurse, it is probably what is called a "nursing strike," rather than a signal that it's time to wean. Nursing strikes can be frightening and upsetting to both you and your baby, but they are almost always temporary.... Read More


EARLY START Put baby to the breast to nurse as soon as possible. Hold baby skin-to-skin. Avoid pacifiers.... Read More
Close up of nursing dyad relaxing on a sofa. Mother wears a black vest top and striped shirt, she looks at her baby. Baby has its hand on her breast and looks at the camera.

Breastfeeding Info

Here you will find answers to your breastfeeding and parenting questions, drawn from the various resources on our site, conveniently grouped by topic.... Read More

Newborn Weight Loss: Getting Back on Track

  Vanessa Pinto, Sag Harbor, New York, USA Newborn weight loss: getting back on track with breastfeeding. None of the mothers in my family or my husband’s had ever breastfed. They disapproved of my desire to do so, explaining that it was too exhausting and telling me stories of women they knew who had tried and … Read More

A Labor of Love (Two Births)

  Amy Denton, Wharfedale, Yorkshire, UK Isaac’s birth was traumatic. My labor started when I got up to pee at 3 am with my water breaking. Contractions became gradually more intense until 8 am, when they stopped altogether. On reaching hospital I was a couple of centimeters dilated and meconium was detected. A drip, which took a … Read More

Pezones doloridos al amamantar

Madres de la Liga de La Leche Traducido por Rocío Bravo, Amán, Jordania Foto: Belle Verdiglione ¿Tienes los pezones doloridos o agrietados? ¿Temes el momento de ponerte al bebé al pecho? Tener los pezones doloridos y sensibles al principio de una toma puede ser normal durante los primeros días de la lactancia. Pero un dolor más … Read More

Congestión y Mastitis: Suavizando los Baches

Philippa Pearson-Glaze Traducido por Eva Marsal, Barcelona, España Foto: Evangeline y Ruth cortesía de Sally Hobson Photography Amamantar es normal y natural, pero cómo hacerlo es algo que a menudo aprendemos de nuestras madres, hermanas y amigas. En los sitios donde hemos perdido el arte de amamantar a lo largo de varias generaciones, los intentos de … Read More

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