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You can also support LLLI through a schedule of giving that works for you! You can set up regular donations on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. ... Read More

Appendix 38

by Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada Do you know what Appendix 38 is? First clue: It is found in the LLLI Policies and Standing Rules (PSR) Notebook.  Second clue: It was revised in October 2015 by the LLLI Board. Third clue: It’s related to Leader accreditation. If you guessed Accreditation Appeals Policies, you are correct. It is … Read More

Focus on Breastfeeding Contest

The LLLI photography contest, Focus on Breastfeeding, has come to a close. Contestants submitted photographs in four categories: Breastfeeding and Working, Skin-to-Skin, Breastfeeding Everywhere and Special Moments. The panel of professional judges chose a winner for each category, and one overall winner. Breastfeeding and Working: Christine Wright, Reconnection Breastfeeding Everywhere: Christina Forga, In the Backyard Skin-to-Skin: Silvana … Read More

Communicating Loving Guidance in Series Meetings

Philippa Pearson-Glaze, West Midlands, United Kingdom From infancy on, children need loving guidance which reflects acceptance of their capabilities and sensitivity to their feelings. La Leche League Philosophy La Leche League promotes gentle and practical ways to guide children as they learn to handle both their feelings and their behavior. Through promoting a child’s self-awareness … Read More

Alternative Series Meetings Titles

Jayne Joyce, Oxford, United Kingdom Bored with your meeting titles? Jayne Joyce offers a choice of new ideas for your Series Meetings with various themes from using book titles to using sporting or Shakesperean themes. Book titles Breastfeeding Made Simple  – everything you need to know to get started The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – what … Read More

Email Helping—Practice for Leader Applicants

Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada When practicing helping questions, Leader Applicants often want to start with a practice email. They assume it will be much easier than responding to a question on the phone or in person because they can respond when their children are sleeping or with someone else. They look forward to being able … Read More


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The Story Behind the LLLI Intimate Apparel Collection

Advertising Feature Did you know LLLI sells bras as well as books? LLLI has a licensing agreement with Q-T Intimates, a bra manufacturer, to generate income for LLLI. The experts behind the creation of LLLI’s own intimate apparel line answer Leaders’ questions about the relationship. Who or what is Q-T Intimates? Q-T Intimates (Q-T), is … Read More

Guía rápida sobre el Código Internacional de la OMS

HELEN GRAY, LONDRES, GRAN BRETAÑA TRADUCIDO POR AMARANTA AVENDAÑO, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA El Código Internacional de Comercialización de Sucedáneos de la Leche Materna de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (el Código) abarca la comercialización y promoción de productos destinados a sustituir la lactancia materna. No prohíbe su venta o uso: simplemente restringe su promoción. ¿POR QUÉ NECESITAMOS UN CÓDIGO? El … Read More