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LLL Leader, a Pathway to Become a Lactation Consultant?

Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada As Leaders, we often get inquiries from women who want to become both LLL Leaders and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). Since the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) is an international department, we want to make sure that all Leaders are responding the same way to such inquiries. When contacted … Read More

Karin Gausman Fund

Leader Accreditation Department Council A fund has been set up in memory of Karin Gausman to express our deep gratitude to her for helping Leader Applicants and LAD representatives worldwide with their education and enrichment opportunities. Funds will be used to help Leader Applicants with their application and accreditation fees with priority given to Applicants … Read More

Beating the Baby Blues

Tammy McKinney, Dover, Pennsylvania, USA Beating the baby blues at the start of motherhood. The day my daughter was born was filled with emotion, exhaustion, and expectation. I remember wanting nothing more than to rest and stay awake all at the same time. There lay a little being whom I had anticipated meeting for so long. … Read More

Reaching Out

  Dawn Tucker, Uzbekistan & Florida, USA I live in Uzbekistan, but flew back to my home in Florida to have my baby girl, Josephine, and to be near friends and family. We stayed for three months: six weeks before and six weeks after the birth before returning to Uzbekistan. Reaching out to La Leche League Since I’d … Read More

Global Health Agencies and Breastfeeding

Linda Smith The World Health Organization The World Health Organization (WHO) currently has 193 Member Nations and convenes the World Health Assembly (WHA) once a year ( Only nations are members of the WHO, and only nations send voting delegations to WHA meetings. WHA Resolution A World Health Assembly Resolution is a recommendation passed (after a great deal of … Read More

Newborn Weight Loss: Getting Back on Track

  Vanessa Pinto, Sag Harbor, New York, USA Newborn weight loss: getting back on track with breastfeeding. None of the mothers in my family or my husband’s had ever breastfed. They disapproved of my desire to do so, explaining that it was too exhausting and telling me stories of women they knew who had tried and … Read More

An American in Rome

  Italiano Rachel Simpson, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA Spending time with my family as an American in Rome. In Italy and other parts of the world there exists the “transumanza.” This is the Italian term for the traditional twice-yearly migration of sheep and cows from the highlands to the lowlands, and vice versa. The word literally means “crossing … Read More

The Happy Knappy Knitting Pattern

The Happy Knappy is a knitted nappy complete with five circles of different coloured poop to represent the normal colour changes that accompany a good intake of breast milk in the first five days of a baby’s life. Day one is represented by black knitted poop, day two is black with a hint of bottle … Read More

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Translating Our Digital Magazines

Soledad Etchemendy, Barcelona, Spain I did not grow up bilingual, but I count myself lucky that my parents wanted me to learn other languages and paid for lessons. For me, this opened up a window into other worlds. I remember the thrill I experienced when, as a teenager, I could understand part of what popular … Read More

James McKenna and Breastsleeping

Mary Francell, Georgia, USA Image courtesy of Kathryn O’Donnell The LLL of Georgia, USA, Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference with a concurrent Healthcare Provider Seminar and Leader Enrichment Workshop took place November 6-8, 2015 at the beautiful Jekyll Island Club on the Georgia coast. While parents enjoyed the lovely architecture, children at the conference were much … Read More