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Pumping for My Injured Baby

  Summer Dun, Sherwood, Arkansas, USA A pumping story In January, 2014, we welcomed our third child into our family, our sweet baby, Rose. She had a rocky start. I am rhesus negative and was carrying antibodies to the rhesus factor. Rose was in the NICU for three days after she was born and then readmitted a few days later … Read More

Supporting Leader Applicants Through Technology

Español Cynthia Mann and Barbarie Palmer, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Cynthia and I fell into LLL leadership and into supporting Leader Applicants in the same way we learned to mother our children—by being thoughtful and flexible, relying on our intuition and seeking out support from each other. Our applications started at a time when the lone … Read More

Nursing Necklace Fundraiser

Elise Hamel, Whittier, California, USA On April 23, 2016 about 15-20 women (including mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters) from La Leche League of Whittier (California, USA) gathered together at a teething/nursing necklace fundraiser event. Group mother and social coordinator Melinda Holt and Group Leader Elise Hamel planned and coordinated the event that included a nursing or … Read More

I Spy a Tongue-Tie

Zettie Taylor, England Adapted from a write up of a discussion led by Vicky Jordan at a Spring workshop on 21st March 2015 in Rainham, Kent, England by Zettie Taylor. First published in La Leche League Great Britain’s Feedback (Leaders’ newsletter) reprinted with permission. Vicky Jordan, an LLL Leader in Kent, England and vivacious speaker, was initially … Read More

Group Meetings Twice a Month

Annette Green, Modi’in, Israel In 1956, the seven Founders of La Leche League began helping mothers through  monthly meetings. La Leche League and Series Meetings were born. When I became a Leader in Israel in 2003, monthly Group meetings were still going strong and attendance was good. However, several years ago, participation rates for monthly … Read More

Connections – The LLL Alumnae Association

Janet Jendron, Columbia, South Carolina, USA The mission of the LLL Alumnae Association is to provide an opportunity for current and former LLL Leaders and members to continue a lifelong connection with one another, extend LLL values and wisdom into all stages of life, and support the mission of La Leche League. The LLL Alumnae … Read More

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60th Anniversary Projects and Events

Anniversary year: October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017 La Leche League International celebrates their 60th year with a programme of events with the theme of Building a Legacy. Leaders around the world are invited to join in the celebrations. From souvenirs to a conference, from competitions to new projects, there is something for everyone. By … Read More

Breastfeeding a Near-Term Baby at 45

Español Elvira Germaná, Madrid, Spain Translated by Gina Nigro, Seville, Spain I so wanted to have a third child, and at age 45, my wish came true. My previous two experiences of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding were smooth and easy. I had no doubt that things would be the same the third time around. I … Read More

El Diálogo pre Solicitud

Mariana de Petersen, Guatemala ciudad capital, Guatemala Como Líderes es importante que tengamos un diálogo en profundidad con la madre interesada antes de escribir una recomendación y pedirle que llene el formulario de solicitud. Puede que algunas Líderes no estén al tanto de este paso tan importante. Esta conversación debe incluir: Una discusión sobre la … Read More

What’s Good About Breastfeeding? An Idea for Series Meeting 1

Justine Fieth, La Leche League Great Britain As I prepare my bag for the monthly LLL Group meeting, I collect a condom, some chocolate, some chewing gum and a clothes peg (or clothes pin)—an unusual collection! As an LLL Leader, I often have random  or unusual items in the bag, nestling next to my woolly … Read More