Join Our Team: Managing Editor, LLL Today

Managing Editor, LLL Today

Job Description

La Leche League International (LLLI) is seeking a managing editor for its new publication, LLL Today. It will be published quarterly via email and website in the six LLLI languages (Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)

This is a paid part-time position, accountable to the LLLI Executive Director and the LLLI Board, working alongside LLLI committees and staff.

Remuneration will be negotiated as part of the application process.

Managing Editor Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Work with the LLLI Board, committees, and staff to develop LLL Today as a vibrant, useful, and widely read newsletter aimed at Leaders and the general public.
    • Sit on the LLLI Publications Oversight Committee to ensure consistency and synergy with other LLLI publications; and develop annual editorial calendar in consultation with other LLLI committees, the LLLI Editorial Review Board, and LLLI staff.
    • Develop and implement content guidelines that are in compliance with the LLLI mission, philosophy, procedures, policies, and LLLI Style Guide.
    • Write and/or solicit articles for each quarterly issue:
      • Identify and contact authors for articles and arrange for copyright and translation permissions.
      • Develop production schedules in consultation with LLLI staff and meet pre-set deadlines.
      • Ensure authors are given a schedule and full guidelines at the time they commit to writing.
      • Write, edit, proofread, and revise content as needed.
      • Provide articles in a timely way to Editorial Review Team, who review for spelling, punctuation, syntax, readability, and compliance with the LLLI mission, philosophy, procedures, policies, and LLLI Style Guide.
      • Confer with authors regarding changes as needed.
    • Facilitate translation of articles into multiple languages.
      • Liaise with LLLI translation teams, developing and maintaining a feasible schedule for translations, review, and proofreading.
    • Produce layout and graphics for each issue
      • Collaborate with LLLI staff and review team to evaluate publication design for effectiveness and visual appeal, updating as necessary.
      • Experience with WordPress, Canva, and/or icontact.
      • Collaborate with LLLI staff, authors, and review team to identify appropriate images for each article.
      • Solicit/create images, ensuring all appropriate permissions are obtained.
      • Publish the newsletter on the LLLI website and send by email to distribution list (training will be given).
      • Collaborate with LLLI staff and review team to assist with marketing efforts for the publication.
        • Provide content to LLLI staff for social media and email marketing.
        • Collaborate with LLLI staff and relevant committees to identify social media content for each issue for posting.
        • Collaborate to conduct periodic readers’ surveys and implement changes based on their results.
      • Respond to email in a timely manner and attend bi-weekly meetings with the Executive Director.
      • Keep all correspondence with LLLI Board, Editorial Review Board, and staff confidential.
      • Work remotely as an independent contractor using own means and equipment.

Application/How to Apply

Please describe your qualifications for this role, including:

      • Description of past editorial experience
      • Description of past publication experience within LLL
      • Ability to provide a high level of responsive service to LLLI
      • Approach and methodology for meeting the writing, editing, proofreading, and production requirements of LLLI
      • Three references

Please submit your resume and application by email to by midnight Eastern Time (US) on 30 September 2022 with “Managing Editor” in the subject line.

Inquiries concerning any aspect of this role can be directed to:

Zion Tankard
Executive Director
La Leche League International

LLLI retains complete discretion in appointing a managing editor for LLL Today.

LLLI reserves the right to reject any or all applications or to accept any application at its discretion.

LLLI reserves the right to request a phone interview with applicants.

The selected applicant will be notified in writing.

LLLI will enter into negotiations with the successful candidate with a view to finalizing a contract for services on terms acceptable to LLLI. The contract will be for a period of one year with an option to renew for an additional year. LLLI reserves the right to cancel the contract if the service does not meet the expectations of LLLI and a 30-day advance notice will be sent.