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Learning to Trust My Body’s Birth & Breastfeeding Powers

                                                                                                                                                                      By USA and Pin-Ching Cynthia Tsai, Dulworth, USA I never thought I would breastfeed my baby because I was not breastfed. I also never believed I could face birth. After all, pain as tiny as a paper cut drives me crazy! But all those assumptions began to change when a family friend who is … Read More

Black Breastfeeding Week Celebrations

Black Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Highlight the Need for Change Valentina Attanasio, BT Associate Editor August is a very important month of celebration for breastfeeding families, from the very first day with World Breastfeeding Week commencing until the last day of the month. Many of you have heard something on the news about World Breastfeeding Week … Read More

Update on HIV and Breastfeeding

Pamela Morrison, IBCLC, West Sussex, England La Leche League Leaders occasionally receive requests for information about whether mothers who have tested positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can breastfeed their babies. Although the discovery that the virus can be passed from mothers to babies during breastfeeding was made in 1985, the original international advice … Read More