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Pumping in the Workplace

Adapted from “Handling Legal Calls: Pumping in the Workplace,” Northern LLLights, LLL of Minnesota and the Dakotas’ Area Leaders’ Letter, Winter 2014 Jo Hillard Carrane, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA In a typical helping call, mothers bring the challenges they and their nurslings encounter when establishing breastfeeding relationships. Leaders are available to share information and reassurance to … Read More

When Breastfeeding and Culture Meet

Adapted from “Culture: Some Introductions,” from Rocky Mountain Leader, LLL of Colorado/Wyoming’s Area Leaders’ Letter, Summer 2014 The other day, I met a work colleague, Stan, in the middle of a doorway. We laughed as we passed each other, because he had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the overhead hinge, and I could easily walk … Read More

Face to Face or Facebook?

Adapted from Emma Gardner’s blog post, Breastfeeding Support Pages on Facebook, 2012. More and more mothers are communicating on Facebook and many local LLL Groups have found it is a good way to announce meetings and stay in touch. In the first of two articles on using Facebook for support, Emma Gardner talks about the differences between a … Read More


Рубрика “От мамы к маме” Перевод: Елена Демьянова, Жанна Гущина. Редакция: Мария Сорокина, Светлана Евграфова Photo: At First Sight Birth Photography Ситуация: Мой девятимесячный малыш засыпает только на груди, как ночью, так и днем. Днем, чтобы усыпить его, мне приходится ложиться рядом с ним, и если я пытаюсь встать, то он тоже сразу просыпается и ноет, … Read More

Icebreakers for Meetings

In a La Leche League monthly Series Meeting, mothers gather in a group for an informal discussion for the first part of each session. The Leader will often start by going around the circle asking everyone’s name, their children’s names and ages and any challenges they are facing. In When Meeting Introductions Are the Meeting, Kathy … Read More

Suplementación al pecho

Diana West, BA, IBCLC y Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC Traducido por Inma Mellado, Madrid, Spain Foto: Lynn Adams Suplementación al pecho a largo plazo para el bebé amamantado Por diversas razones, algunos bebés no reciben la suficiente leche materna para ganar peso. Algunas veces el problema reside en que el bebé tiene dificultades para sacar … Read More