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Leadership Across Generations: Maria Teresa and Maria Teresa

Mother and Daughter in Mexico Maria Teresa Jaime Ortega—LLL Leader—Mexico My name is Maria Teresa Jaime Ortega, I am 29 years old, and I have been involved with La Leche League (LLL) for 24 years, even though I have been an accredited LLL Leader only since 13 February 2021. Yes, you read that right! The … Read More

Why I Chose LLL

Veronica Rohalevich, Mtein, Lebanon La Leche League came into my life when I was pregnant with my third daughter. Breastfeeding was always my main goal in nurturing and raising children, and I had wanted to breastfeed them with all my heart… However, I had two previous unsuccessful breastfeeding experiences with my older children due to … Read More

Leadership Across Generations: Michele and Christina

Mother-Daughter Leadership through the Generations Michele Lein and Christina Forga, mother and daughter, describe their story as Leaders in Minnesota, USA. Christina My mother (Michele Lein) became a La Leche League Leader in 1983 when I was two years old, just before my brother was born. I am the oldest of six children, and my … Read More

Leadership Across Generations: Ginny and Lynn

LLL Mother-Daughter Musings Three of Ginny Braun’s four daughters became LLL Leaders and later, Ginny followed suit! Ginny and her daughter Lynn Huber co-lead LLL of Warren, Michigan. Here Ginny and Lynn tell their story of being Leaders together. Ginny first found La Leche League (LLL) in Detroit Michigan in the early 1970s. She had … Read More

Leaders Who Stay

We asked Leaders who stay in La Leche League despite having weaned long ago: “Why does LLL continue to be important to you?” Paula Hinson, Farnham Group, Great Britain. Accredited in 2000. I was guided to LLL Farnham by a friend who was and still is a Leader (Ginny Eaton) as soon as she heard … Read More

LLLI News 26 July 2021

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Persistent Pain When Breastfeeding

Cindy Garrison, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt. Yet many mothers and nursing parents complain of pain associated with breastfeeding, which can be a leading cause for early weaning. When someone calls about persistent nipple pain or breast pain, a Leader can review the most common causes for pain while breastfeeding, such … Read More