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Making LLL Visible: How Networking and Collaboration Can Raise Your Profile

2017 LLLI Online Conference session by Lisa Manning, New Zealand Write-up by Ellen Mateer,  Calderdale, Great Britain First appeared in LLL Great Britain Feedback  When you become a Leader you represent La Leche League almost every time you leave your house. You may think you put your La Leche League hat on when you arrive at … Read More

Pumping in the Workplace

Adapted from “Handling Legal Calls: Pumping in the Workplace,” Northern LLLights, LLL of Minnesota and the Dakotas’ Area Leaders’ Letter, Winter 2014 Jo Hillard Carrane, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA In a typical helping call, mothers bring the challenges they and their nurslings encounter when establishing breastfeeding relationships. Leaders are available to share information and reassurance to … Read More