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USA milk bank technician processing donor milk.

Chylothorax and Use of Human Milk

Strides have been made since Bobby’s mother put her milk through the spin cycle, and skimmed human milk is now more widely available. Milk banks and hospitals use a cold centrifuge process and other fat-removal techniques to produce batches of skimmed human milk; families can also be given a centrifuge to produce skimmed milk at home, which is what Bobby’s parents eventually did. As a recent review asserts, “procedures for skimming human milk are simple and could be easily integrated alongside present milk bank activities” (Conchiero-Guisan et al., 2019).... Read More
Mother and father sit close looking at baby. Mother holds baby and father has his hand on baby.

Babies Who Want to be Held

All babies did better if they got more holding and carrying, but in every community he studied, there were some babies who cried less and some who cried more. Some babies were more sensitive and became more distressed.... Read More

Step Up Together for Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, La Leche League International will be hosting Step Up Together For Breastfeeding, a step challenge to help raise money for breastfeeding support and education.... Read More