2018 Annual Fund Drive

Your most generous Annual Fund Drive gift today will help bring help and hope to struggling families in the weeks and months ahead. Together, we must do all we can to nurture, support, and guide mothers as they set out to breastfeed their babies. Thank you for your partnership in our good works!


Because of a lack of support from healthcare providers and her own family at the time, Laura
missed the opportunity to breastfeed her first son. But years later when she delivered her second boy,
Laura was determined not to miss out on this special bonding opportunity.

Watching breastfeeding videos on YouTube and reading the LLLI signature book The Womanly
Art of Breastfeeding gave Laura some confidence. But she still had so many questions and worries…
Fortunately, before leaving the hospital, a nurse gave Laura a handful of flyers on breastfeeding.
One of those flyers led her to LLLI and a local group of mothers who provided the encouragement
and support she needed.

It wasn’t always easy. There were times when Laura felt very discouraged and found it difficult
to breastfeed. But in those trying moments, Laura’s new mothering community was there to let
her know she wasn’t alone. LLLI Leaders listened, answered her questions, and provided the
encouragement she needed to continue.

Today, Laura is comfortable and at ease when breastfeeding her child. She’s also inspiring the
next generation to view breastfeeding as a beautiful thing – the most natural, healthy, loving bond a
mother and child can ever experience…

“I’m growing powerful. Even at my mother’s house, I see my nieces and nephews know
I am breastfeeding so I can give my baby the very best nutrition. Knowing that in the
future my daughters, nieces, and cousins will breastfeed because of my example and being
able to encourage other moms now, too, makes me proud.”


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