A Special Message From Mayim Bialik: Star of The Big Bang Theory

Photo By: Denise Herrick Borchert

Dear Friend of LLLI,

Before my first son was born, I attended a La Leche League International meeting and established relationships with two LLLI Leaders that I knew I could call on if I had any troubles. And call on them I did! There were so many difficulties that I ended up encountering…

Every time another challenge presented itself, there were those who told me to give up. To just use artificial baby milk. Don’t be a martyr, they said. You weren’t made to breastfeed. If it’s that hard, it’s not meant to be. Those voices were loud and persistent and they haunted me, especially as I cried in the middle of the night, trying to feed my baby but failing and failing and failing.

Attending a LLLI meeting seemed impossible since I could barely function on my couch much less think about getting into a car or being at a meeting. Lactation support was expensive and often in far locations. It appeared like a mountain too steep to climb.

However, I did make it to a few meetings after the first 40 days of giving birth. But the single factor that enabled me to breastfeed was the women of LLLI and the lactation counselors who came to my home to help me breastfeed my babies. They took time away for their own families to come to my house and sit with me, cry with me, and watch what I was doing and fix it. They gave me the tools and the confidence to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding is so important to me and to the welfare of my children that I knew I had to do every last thing to try and make it work. It’s that important. And so are the good works of LLLI…

Today, please join me in supporting LLLI and families like mine who immensely benefit from their wisdom,
guidance and care. Thank you for taking action now during LLLI’s 2018 Annual Fund Drive.

Grateful for LLLI,

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