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Here at LLLI, we aim to provide those in the health field and community, interested parties, and our Leaders with cutting-edge research and new developments in the breastfeeding world.  Through our webinars, LLLI hosts global industry-leading speakers and subject matter experts who will help the viewer grasp new concepts and learn new approaches to working with families in need of breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding and Sexuality

12 May 2021 | Monica Tesone

Psychologist Monica Tesone presents a fascinating view into the sexuality of a woman during pregnancy and breastfeeding. She discusses how modern society has influenced how we view sexuality. She explores the concept of feeling sexual during pregnancy and how modern hospital birth practices can interfere with how a couple views sexuality postpartum. She reassures the audience that breastfeeding is supposed to be pleasurable and shares that nursing mothers give off pheromones that other women can sense unknowingly, giving them a positive feeling toward reproduction, birth and breastfeeding. Monica also offers instructions on sensory focusing to help increase one’s personal awareness. Her presentation is well researched and presented with a sense of fun and humor to help make the listener comfortable with what some may find an awkward topic.


What does a baby feel at birth?

13 Jan 2021 | Dr. Alberto Heart

Have you ever wondered what a newborn baby feels at birth? Dr. Alberto Heart, a pediatrician and neonatologist from Panama has. In this fascinating webinar he shares his research and insights with us. Did you know that babies cry in their native language and their baby sounds mimic those of their native language? Did you know that babies love “baby talk” and engaging with parents who look them straight in the face, open their eyes and mouth and talk quietly to them? Did you know babies can smell from birth and the smell of breast milk and amniotic fluid calms them? These are only a few of the research-based insights he has shared. Listen and learn!


COVID-19 Pandemic – The Challenges for Breastfeeding Families

11 Nov 20 | Dr. Anne Eglash

This webinar reviews breastfeeding issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. These topics include optimal peripartum management of breastfeeding, risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 during breastfeeding, and evidence for antibodies to the virus in breastmilk. It reviews evidence of the safety of breastfeeding infants during the pandemic, and management of the COVID-19 + breastfeeding mother. Lastly, it addresses ways that we can support breastfeeding families in the outpatient sector, to ensure they are receiving the care that they need.


Breastfeeding in the Context of hiv

14 Oct 20 | Dr. Rahmat Bibi bagus

Dr. Rahmat has an awesome webinar, entitled Breastfeeding in the Context of HIV. The webinar is based on research primarily in South Africa with recommendations made based on guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and health authorities in South Africa.


HOT topics in Breastfeeding

18 Sep 20 | Dr. Horacio Reyes 

Presented in Spanish by Dr. Horacio Reyes, has been removed, following concerns regarding compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.  Participants who have already paid for CERPs and viewed the webinar will have the CERPs honoured.


17 Jan 20 | Linda Smith

Through this webinar, the viewer will learn the origin of birth moving from home to hospitals, related to current outcomes and the risks associated with the induction of labor. The speaker explores the effects of Cesarean surgery on breastfeeding. Also, the impact of chemical pain relief methods including epidurals on breastfeeding, and strategies to help breastfeeding dyads recover from birth interventions.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.


Donor Milk Banking

1 July 2019 | Montana Wagner-Gillespie

This webinar provides an overview of milk banking and processing in the United States and describes the differences between for-profit and non-profit human milk banking.  Through the webinar, the viewer will learn about the steps to become a milk donor, how milk is processed in a non-profit milk bank, and the clinical uses of donor milk.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.

Tongue-tie, Lip-tie, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) and Infant Feeding

15 May 19 | Dr. Greg Notestine

In this informative webinar, Dr. Greg Notestine looks at how to recognize potential Tongue-tie, Lip-tie, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) by signs and symptoms, how to define TOTs and how TOTS are diagnosed and treated.  He also helps participants to understand the value of working with other healthcare providers for best outcomes and learn potential future outcomes of untreated TOTS.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.

Please note: This webinar portrays an actual surgical procedure. Please be aware of some content that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.


8 April 2019 | Jeanette Panchula

La Leche League International is proud to present our newest webinar “Using Cultural Awareness and Cultural Humility in Breastfeeding Conversations” with Jeanette Panchula.  Cultural Awareness and Cultural Humility are described, and examples provided of how these can improve communication with families and collaborators. By avoiding generalizations and concentrating on the specific individuals we meet; asking, listening and learning about them, solutions to breastfeeding barriers can often be discovered.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.
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20 February 2019 | Jan Ellen Brown

This webinar addresses the effect structural infant issues like torticollis and jaw asymmetry can have on breastfeeding comfort and efficacy.  Strategies for therapeutic latch and positioning, as well as maintenance of milk supply, will be presented.  The causes and remedies are discussed, along with case histories and outcomes.  Photographs of before and after treatments are included.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.


14 November 2018 | Elizabeth Johnson

Learn how abuse can impact ability and desire to breastfeed, red flags that could indicate a history of sexual abuse and practical tools to support all families in a thoughtful way.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.

divorce + BREASTFEEDING: Legal and practical considerations

17 October 2018 | nicole quallen

During this informative webinar, Nicole Quallen, a North Carolina-based, collaborative family lawyer and mediator, addresses four questions of divorce from a legal standpoint: custody, child support, spousal support and equitable distribution. She also guides Leaders and non-Leaders on how to advocate for a breastfeeding mother, and how separation agreements, custody and litigation can impact breastfeeding time.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.

Drogas, y Lactancia Materna

25 September 2018 | Dr. José María Paricio

Durante el webinar, el Dr. Patricio explora los riesgos verdaderos para la lactancia acerca de tomar medicinas or productos alternativos, además de la exposición a contaminantes por la madre lactante. Tambien prove información de las fuentes de información fiables y cómo funcionan. 

Decoding the Codes: International Code of Marketing, Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest

24 July 2018| Linda J. Smith

Learn and explore the International WHO Code with LLLI Board of Directors member Linda Smith. This webinar examines the International Code and how it applies to LLL meetings, our Leaders and how to analyze current marketing gimmicks that are being used to sell Code-relevant products.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.

Tough Talk, Trying Times

19 JuNE 2018 | Cecily Harkins

In this webinar hosted by LLLI, Cecily Harkins presents a comprehensive overview on the impact of social media in communication, particularly Facebook.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.

What’s New in Postpartum Depression

15 May 2018 | Dr. Kathy Kendall-Tackett

Renowned health psychologist and IBCLC Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett presents a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about the root causes and risk factors of postpartum depression. Included in the presentation is evidence that depression is a direct threat to breastfeeding and how moms who exclusively breastfeed can significantly reduce depression symptoms.  NOTE: This webinar no longer qualifies for CERPs credit.


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