Webinar Registration – Divorce + Breastfeeding: Legal and Practical Considerations

divorce + BREASTFEEDING: Legal and practical considerations

17 October 2018 | nicole quallen

Scholarship Opportunities for Active Leaders (does not include registration for CERPs credit)

During this informative webinar, Nicole Quallen, a North Carolina-based, collaborative family lawyer and mediator, addresses four questions of divorce from a legal standpoint: custody, child support, spousal support and equitable distribution. She also guides Leaders and non-Leaders on how to advocate for a breastfeeding mother, and how separation agreements, custody and litigation can impact breastfeeding time.

Nicole currently works with divorcing families exclusively outside of the court system. Her firm provides families with respectful divorces that help preserve a co-parenting relationship, avoid traumatic conflict, and begin two new healthy households.

Disclaimer regarding legal advice: The law is always complicated, and the way the law works with each family will depend on the country, state, county and specific details of the family’s situation. Nothing in this presentation can be taken as legal advice for you, parents, Leaders, families or any clients of LLLI. Nicole will give an overview of U.S. family law (rooted specifically in North Carolina law), which should be helpful and informative, and encourage individuals to seek the counsel of a local family lawyer to help them navigate through their specific case.

This webinar is available only in English.

This webinar is eligible for 1 E-CERPs credit.

Please make use of the pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons.

Registration Fees:

Leaders and Leader Applicants– Webinar without 1 E-CERPs: $8.50

Non-Leaders/Non-Leader Applicants – Webinar without 1 E-CERPs: $15.50

Webinar with 1 E-CERPs: $22.50

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