Welcome to our 65th Celebratory Issue

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Welcome to our 65th celebratory issue of Breastfeeding Today and Leader Today!
In this issue, we have a wonderful selection of contributions from Leaders around the world sharing their love and memories of La Leche League over the last 65 years.


Thanks to you La Leche League is 65 Years Old
By Marian Tompson

Generations of Leaders
Leadership Across Generations: Maria Teresa and Maria Teresa
Leadership Across Generations: Joan and Catriana
Leadership Across Generations: Ginny and Lynn
Leadership Across Generations: Joannie, Lori and Kari
Leadership Across Generations: Michele and Christina

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
LLL South Africa’s Photo Competition

Announcing New Groups
Kimberly Jarest, New Hampshire, United States of America
Livia Defranchi, La Leche League Réseau pour l Allaitement, Corsica
Bridget Muir, Sydney, Australia
LLL Lebanon Online WhatsApp Group
LLL Hokkaido Online Group, Japan
La Leche League Melbourne Online
Santiago de Veraguas, Panama
Grupo de verano en la playa (“Summer Group on the Beach”), LLL Argentina

Leaders Who Stay
Paula Hinson, Farnham Group, Great Britain. Accredited in 2000.
Barbara Childs, Okehampton, Great Britain. Accredited in 1998.
Anne Devereux, Dunedin, New Zealand. Accredited 1972.
Loreto I. Rubianes, Fylde Coast, Great Britain. Accredited in 2010.
Jill Unwin, Craven Arms, Shropshire, Great Britain. Accredited 1992.
Nan Jolly, Gqeberha, South Africa. Accredited 1979.
Naomi Stadlen, Central London Group, Great Britain. Accredited 1990.
Rachel O’Leary, Cambridge, Great Britain. Accredited 1980.
Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada. Accredited 1984.
Sarah Gill, Nottingham, Great Britain. Accredited 1979 at Hull Group, 1981 Nottingham Group.
Sue Sutton, Bombay, New Zealand. Accredited 1971.
Ginny Eaton, Surrey, Great Britain. Accredited 1979.
Heather Rice, Portlaoise, Ireland. Accredited 1996.
Anna Burbidge, Market Harborough, Great Britain. Accredited 1983.
Mary Jeanne Hickey, Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States of America. Accredited more than 55 years ago.
Leith Kassier, Cornwall, Great Britain. Accredited 1975.
Janet McClean, Plimmerton, New Zealand. Accredited 1989.
Charlotte Spieth-Hassel, Neckartenzlingen (near Stuttgart), Germany. Accredited 2000.

Why I Chose LLL
Veronica Rohalevich, Mtein, Lebanon
Madeleine Munzer, Sydney, LLL Australia
Veronica Vargason, New York, USA
Kristin Oparaji, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Homemade Vanilla and Chocolate Puddings
Σπιτική Κρέμα Βανίλια & Σοκολάτα
By Penelope Karagouni – Athens, Greece

Enjoy your reading!

Valentina and Philippa
Managing Editors for Breastfeeding Today and Leader Today

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