2018 Year End Giving

Show your commitment to helping mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education by donating today!  And THANK YOU to all of our amazing supporters out there and to those who work every day to help mothers, parents, and babies to succeed in their feeding needs and goals! All of your gifts, whether they are through volunteering or monetary, truly makes a difference in the world.

You can print to paper or to a PDF file.

For best printing results, open the llli.org site in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Although you can view the site well in any browser, printing from other browsers might not operate correctly.

1. Browse to the web document that you want to print.

2. Click the Print button that is displayed on the web page (not the Print command on the browser menu or toolbar).
This opens the browser print window. The window displays a preview of the document that will be printed. The preview might take a minute to display, depending on the document size.

3. In the Printer box, select the desired printer.
For example, if you are working on a Windows computer, and you want to print to a PDF file, select Save as PDF.

4. As required, configure the other options such as the pages to print.

5. Click the Print button.
If you are generating a PDF, click Save. You are prompted for the name and folder location to save the file.